Friday, 23 September 2016

RetroChallenge_201610 #0

While working on porting the Software Automatic Mouth (SAM) software to the Apple ///,  see . I came across a demo for SAM that someone had made getting SAM to sing the American National Anthem. SAM supports setting the pitch and speed for the speech output, so setting this and lengthening the phonemes allows some sort of singing to be achieved.

What I want to do for the RetroChallenge is to make a basic program to convert music and lyrics into a format that SAM could play or maybe that should be sing. (hopefully something like that :-) ) This might end up more of a helper program, and then some manual editing of the resultant phonemes to get it to sound better might be more likely.

I'm thinking I will add the ability to my Apple /// driver to be able to use it to convert text to phonemes. Currently you can send text to it, but it just converts and speaks it. Then write a Basic program to read notes and text and convert to pitch statements/phonemes, and then play them.

That's the idea, lets see how it goes once I get into it.